Neuroscientists have discovered that oxytocin is related to social behaviors like attachment, trust, and empathy.

Released by the pituitary gland, oxytocin has long been known for its involvement in childbirth and in helping mothers bond with their babies.

So how does oxytocin help families?

Researchers found that the hormone oxytocin is important in cultivating trust (Kosfeld M1, Heinrichs M, Zak PJ, Fischbacher U, Fehr E).

On the flip-side, neuroscientist have found that the pain we experience when we are purposefully excluded from gatherings, is the same painful feeling we experience when we cut our finger deeply. The brain actually generates a threat response when individuals are isolated/excluded.

So what do we do?

1. Really get to know and understand the person

2. Include everyone in your family when important information is shared

3. Don’t isolate members of the family from discussions

4. Apologise when you are wrong

5. Do not blame-shift

6. Don’t gossip

7. Stop favouritism

8. Sit down and have meals together .

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