You were not born mentally strong. If you were born that way, you would have no “down” days.

Mentally strong people work at being that way every day of their lives. Until it becomes a habit or as we would say, have applied the process of neuroplasticity.

What do mentally strong people do?

Mentally strong people:

  1. Reflect on their progress
  2. Think productively
  3. Tolerate discomfort
  4. Evaluate new ventures according to their core beliefs
  5. Tolerate discomfort
  6. Take calculated risks
  7. Invest their energy in the present
  8. Celebrate other people’s success
  9. Are willing to fail
  10. Move on

The benefits of being mentally strong are numerous. Mentally strong people usually have strong physical bodies, don’t get sick so often, are able to build solid companies etc. Being mentally strong means you need to work at it until it becomes second nature.

Are you mentally strong?

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