Not getting all your work done during the day means that you feel the need to cut on your sleep sometimes or work during family time. Too many meetings, distractions and to-do’s are obstacles that hijack your to-do list!

So you sacrifice a few hours sleep with the hope of catching up. Or you lie awake at night spending time online at 2am in the morning when you really should be spending time in deep sleep.

Sleep is a necessity. Our sleep function helps with physical and psychological restoration. It is instrumental in memory consolidation, the discharge of emotions, and the enhancement of cognitive processes. Cognitive processes are related to intrinsic academic motivation, learning performance, and task performance.

It is well known that sleep is closely related to cognitive function. Poor sleep quality is associated with decrements in performance in tests of cognition, especially executive function. It means that you don’t perform optimally.

Why is it that you are not getting everything done in a day? In our executive coaching sessions we have found that two of the main culprits that steal time are spending time online and meetings. We have also found that a lack of strategic planning causes businesses not to be streamlined in order to perform optimally.

So don’t cut your sleep. Enough sleep helps you to increase performance. And streamlining your offering and thinking more strategically about your business is a must!




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