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Effective leadership is based on human bank accounts. A human bank account is the level of trust that you have with another human being. It is also the level of trust that this person has with you.

Your level of trust in someone might not be the same as the level of trust that the person has with you. So imagine that your trust with a specific person is stored in a container. Now start filling the empty container with the amount of trust that you have with someone that you know really well. Now score it with any number between 0 and 100%. Is it 30%, or 50% 0r 90%? You decide.

The human bank account has seven parts to it. In his post I’ll talk about the first one – “how well do you know the person”. We could use the example of the person that you have just scored. Think about the conversations you have. The things that this person tells you. Do you know when something is bothering them? Do they confide in you? Rate this part of the human bank account out of 10.

You have many different human bank accounts with many different people. Each one is different. In the upcoming posts we’ll share more on how to build a high human bank account with people. When people trust you, your level of influence to lead others is that much greater.

So the first step to increase your influence as a leader is to increase the level of trust that you have with someone. Get to know them well.





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