The concept of Emotional Intelligence has been around for many years and is a strategic concept in life. We know that as a parent you need to have a high level of it, but what does that mean? Dr. Daniel Goleman, author of the book Emotional Intelligence,  addresses 5 aspects:

1. Self-awareness

Self-awareness refers to your feelings at the time and how it affects those around you.

2. Self-management

Self-management, which is self-control and how to manage disputive emotions and impulses, covers various aspects of self-management.

3. Social awareness

Social awareness includes aspects such as sensing other’s feelings and perspectives, being service-orientated and leveraging diversity. It also includes aspects of developing others and “political” awareness.

4. Motivation

Self-motivation addresses optimism, drive for achievement and taking calculated risks. Individuals who are self-motivated are often able to motivate other members of the family.

5. Social Skills

Social skills covers various skills. The main aspects are influence, conflict resolution, collaboration and cooperation.

How emotionally intelligent are you as a parent?

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