Neuroscience in Coaching and Mentoring

Learn about neuroscience and become a certified coach and mentor 
  • Conduct a well-managed and effective coaching intervention using your chosen coaching model
  • Conduct an effective mentoring session using your chosen mentoring model
  • Be able to evaluate how you show up as a coach and mentor
  • Understand how to support your client to reach their coaching and mentoring goals
  • Evaluate and assess the development of your coaching and mentoring competencies and skills
  • Compile your one-page bio
  • Build and evaluate your confidence and self-awareness as a coach and mentor
  • Evaluate the development of your core coaching and mentoring competencies and skills
  • Decide on goals and set expectations for the coaching and mentoring period
  • Evaluate client progress and prepare for closure

Neuroscience in Leadership and Coaching

Learn how to lead and coach effectively using neuroscience

Award in Leadership and Management

Certificate in Leadership and Management

Diploma in Leadership and Management