I was recently introduced to Neurofeedback by Dr Charlene Nel, who is currently treating our 15 year old grandson who was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and on Ritalin for 4 years.  School was a nightmare, he was unable to concentrate, bullied, called names and numerous phone calls and disciplinaries at school.  After watching his life change from a happy boy to a difficult child, we started looking for alternatives to help him, from sports to music with no change. We were desperate for help and would grab any and every opportunity from, psychiatry to psychologists,  until we came across Dr Charlene Nels’ webpage.  

After just 4 sessions we have seen significant improvement in his ability to focus, attitude change from an angry teenager to a loving young boy, relaxed, from not completing tasks to completing them.    This treatment is mind-blowing.  

Her professionalism and confidentiality is to be admired.  She is an absolute darling and the feedback and hope that she has given us as a family is just phenomenal.  

I would highly recommend you contact Dr Charlene Nel, not only has she helped our grandson but our entire family.  

She is an absolute angel in the true sense of the word.