Neuroscience in Leadership and Coaching

Biomarkers of strategic decision-making course

“I found the sessions extremely useful in helping me to align my thoughts on the various issues we discussed (both personal and professional). It was great to have your input, advice and guidance on the topics we covered. I intend to implement the learings, specifically around the long-term vision for the company and how that impacts our focus, as well as the departmental structure that we went through – in particular around how to approach the current members in the team with regards to the change management process.”


“It was amazing, I not only realized the benefit of having formalized strategy and business coaching, but also gained tremendous insight into strategy and management practices. Focusing on vision & mission helped and understanding strategic focus as a tool added a lot of value both professionally and personally. The hands-on problem solving dealing with actual problems had a tremendous positive impact. I’ve already started implementing various action points we have discussed. I’ve changed the structure of the team, changed my recruitment strategy and discussed strategy points e.g. learning organizations with top management.”

Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

K L – Mediator/Counsellor: “The course was not what I expected. I came here very nervous because I had not practised my skill in five years which is mediation, skills development. Because of an illness, so my self-confidence was very low. This course has ignited, almost like a volcano, and I almost want to put the cart before the horse. But I know it is a process and I have to follow it. In developing myself. I’ve always combined mediation, coaching and counselling, and this course has taught me that it is not the correct way. It taught me what coaching truly is, what mediation and mentoring truly is. I absolutely loved it especially the neuroscience part of it.”

Anger Management

“The session was excellent the presenter (Charlene) great on knowledge and wise.”

“This course was excellent and showed me what was expected form my by my organisation.”

“I want to come back for another level.”

“I enjoyed the course VERY VERY much.”

“I learned a lot about myself.”

“What a pleasure to attend a course like this. Very thoughtful and relaxing.”

Conflict Management

“Charlene’s experience and knowledge is inspiring.”

“A very informative and thought-provoking session.”

“Every business/workplace should invest in this. There would be less angry people.”

“Very relevant to work, personal, family.”

Emotional Intelligence

“Great and very informative and well-managed. Amazing to see how many qualities one possesses, but overlook. Thinking before acting and also avoid over-thinking will be my future practise. Professionally and personally.”

“Thank you Charlene. I have benefitted from this session. To challenge and do introspection. To be aware of the effect you have on others. To apply greater self-control. To manage conflict wisely. To always grow and improve a person.”