Optimise Performance
We help develop managers’ skills to build high performing teams and re-connect individual and team goals. Support teams to work smarter, not harder. Enable leaders to have difficult performance conversations.
Maximise Potential
Through coaching and neuroscience methodologies we significantly enhance people’s effectiveness and ability to perform at their best, consistently.
Leadership development
We train first-time, middle and senior managers to lead successfully. Our programs are internationally accredited though the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) and we are proud to be affiliated with them for many years now.
Make Better Decisions
Neuroscience and strategic coaching help leaders and their teams make better decisions which will lead to faster execution of work, optimisation of time and effective use of resources. We will help your employees and team identify, solve and act on problems fast and effective.
Increased profits
There are many factors that affect the bottom-line of your organisation. Sometimes it is lack of vision, incorrect structures or lack of strategic planning. Sometimes it is having the wrong person in the wrong job. We help diagnose what factors contribute to your losses.
Right person right job

Through the years of working with many organisations around putting the right person in the right job, we have discovered that our social style analysis benefits organisations greatly to identify the right person for the job, after they have been employed!

Increase cohesion

Research tells us that the cost of replacing an employee is high. And often the cost of training and investing in that employee is not calculated into the equation. The results? Employees leaving and degraded performance of the team during the months it takes to recruit and train a replacement employee. At NIB (Neuroscience Institute for Business) we offer workshops to help reduce staff turnover and increase cohesion.
Reduce staff turnover
Reduce absenteeism
Increase Team cohesion

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