Neurofeedback by Dr. Charlene

Can neurofeedback & coaching help my add/adhd child?

Can neurofeedback & coaching help my add/adhd child?

What is neurofeedback coaching and how can it help?

Firstly, neurofeedback, is a type of operant conditioning (an individual makes an association between a particular behavior and a consequence). Neurofeedback is  based on the understanding that the brain produces various types of brain waves in response to the electrical brain activity being emitted at the time. There are different types of brain waves, and that depends on the current mental state of an individual. Someone in a focused, attentive state will produce different brain waves than someone diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Research conducted with individuals diagnosed with ADD/ADHD suggests they have low levels of arousal in the frontal lobe areas of the brain. Neurofeedback coaching focuses on making the person aware of these brainwaves as they are being produced. Once the individual can identify the type of brainwave activity they are currently experiencing, they are taught techniques to consciously change it. Neurofeedback coaching helps clients to be more realistic in setting goals for themselves by learning about their individual challenges and gifts.

Neurofeedback coaching helps individuals diagnosed with add/adhd to prioritize, organize, and develop life skills. Due to the level of cognitive development required for ADD/ADHD individuals to consciously focus, neurofeedback coaching is primarily used with older children and adults. However, an age appropriate and less cognitively demanding version has been used with younger children and shown some success.