Neurofeedback by Dr. Charlene

Digital Cocaine

What is the difference is between half a line of cocaine and an hour playing a video game? Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned (ref. Brad Huddleston, Digital Cocaine).

What about your need to constantly engage on your phone. Constantly checking new messages, followers, likes…Tech is the thing, right!

But that was not what it was created for. It was not created for digital multitasking nor to develop a texting or online addiction. It was created to be an enabler and improve life/or the world-of-work. To make communication easier.

Technology, when implemented correctly aids in its ability to make your life more accessible, more cost-effective, better time management.

In fact digital devices have the very real potential to be chemically addictive if misused. The question is: do you use technology or do you abuse it? Has it become a digital enabler or digital cocaine?

So what can we do about it? There are a number of things we can do. We can:

  • Reduce/stop digital multitasking
  • Establish rules – no digital devices during meals or get-togethers
  • Allow ourselves to think and be alone
  • Remove digital devices from our bedroom
  • Create digital down-time by forcing ourselves to disconnect from the digital world for an hour or more at a time

Heres to technology being an enabler, not an addiction!